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Fine Art Bartending Vancouver

7 Piece Bar Equipment Practice Kit


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Maximize your bartending practice with our essential seven-piece kit. Perfect for students from day one of the bartender training course.

Kit Includes:

  • Shaker Tin: 28oz stainless steel for shaker flips and tosses.
  • Shaker Glass: Standard 16oz sleeve.
  • Shot Glass: Standard 1oz size.
  • Speed Pourer: For practice shots from a 750ml bottle.
  • Plastic Pourer: Common in restaurants, ideal for consistent pouring practice.
  • Bar Spoon: Essential for stirring and twirling practice.
  • Hawthorne Bar Strainer: For separating ice from the drink, crucial for perfect pours.

Get Yours Today

Add this practice kit to your order and pick it up on Day 1. Start practicing early and stand out in your class. Detailed instructions provided during the course. Remember, practice makes perfect!