Calendar of Bartending Classes

Review upcoming Commercial Bartending Courses and Seminars we host at Fine Art Bartending School. This schedule is updated quarterly.

School Programming

About our offerings at Fine Art Bartending School.

Commercial Bartending Program

Our 28-hour Bartender Certification Program is Vancouver's best bartender training course.

With over 800+ 5-star Google Reviews, we've trained hundreds of students on modern bartending.

In just eight days, go from a beginner to a confident bartender. Improve your mixology skills and prepare to apply to bartending jobs with our signature program.

Intro to Bartending Seminar

Interested in learning bartending basics, including how to work with bartending equipment and practice building?

Spend two-hours with us on a Friday or Saturday night at our Intro to Bartending Seminar.

Occasionally, we offer a 2-hour Wine Tasting Seminar. Learn more.

Private Events

On Fridays, we have space to host groups up to 18 for private party or corporate event.

In two hours, your group will learn the fundamentals of bartending in a real bar setting.

Located in the heart of Gastown, this is the perfect group activity to lead into a local lunch or dinner.

Scheduling Notes:

We always have bartending classes running.

Our Commercial Bartending Course runs across eight days. Choose a cohort that best fits your schedule and availability. If you really need to get started today, and you see classes started yesterday send us a text. We can do a little personal tutoring on Day #1 material and get you caught up so you can slide right into Day #2 material. It makes for a longer first day, but still well worth it.

Our Seminars are updated on a quarterly basis.

We have availability to host corporate and private events on Fridays only.

Note that this calendar may not be perfect. This calendar should be used for reference only.