Bartender Training Success Stories

Two weeks of intensive and hands-on training lead these students to bartending jobs.

Students Land International Bartending Jobs

Ryan Refreshes on Bartending Skills

Ryan, recently hired as a bar manager, took our program to refresh on the skills of hiring performing bartenders. His training gave him the tools to hiring his first bar team.

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Ivan Started a New Hobby

Ivan made his goal of learning how to bartend happen with our bartending course. Now he knows how to make bespoke cocktails for his family and friends.

Student Achieve a Bucket List Item: Learn to Bartend

Lynn Learned to Pour Classic Cocktails

When Lynn got a job at a community centre, she didn’t expect her guests to order classic cocktails by name. This program helped her learn the recipes for popular cocktails.

From Server to Bartender

John wanted to transition from a server to a bartender at Whitespot. With our training, the bar manager trusted him in that new role.

Dreaming of His Own Restaurant

Ivan has been working back of house and is ready to move to front-of-house and eventually open his own restaurant. This course has given Ivan the confidence he needs to achieve his dreams.

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