Commercial Bartending Program Preview

Learn more about Vancouver's most reputable Bartender Certification Program.

The Program Includes:

  • Modern bartender training curriculum, newly updated this year!

  • Make the popular classic cocktails with style and technique

  • 100+ recipes to cocktails

  • Hours of practice working behind a real bar

  • Point-of-sale system training

  • Resume reviews

  • Fun bartender role playing exercises that prepare you for the job

Who is this for?

Perfect for anyone looking to learn bartending, including:

Hospitality Staff

Step up to a bartending role at your venue.


Transform your drink-making skills into cocktail artistry.

New Bartenders

Learn to land and excel in bartending jobs.


Have fun learning in a realistic bar-like setting.

Look inside our bartender manual đź‘€

Sample pages from the Commercial Bartending Program textbook.

Your Lesson Plan

In eight days, you'll be completely confident behind a bar.

Here's a summary of your bartending training program:

Day 1
  • Get familiar with modern bartending equipment
  • What is a highball?
  • Learn vodka cocktails and brands
  • How to upsell to get more tips
  • Liqueurs flavours and brands
  • Pour popular build over ice cocktails
Day 2
  • Gin cocktails and brands
  • Intro to mixology
  • How to balance a cocktail
  • Garnishes and egg whites
  • New technique: How to shake and strain cocktails

Day 3
  • Responsible service
  • Types of shots
  • Taking orders and service tickets
  • New technique: Stirred cocktails
  • New technique: Basic flair bartending trick
Day 4
  • Rum cocktails and brands
  • Tequila and mezcal cocktails and brands
  • Bartending career paths
  • How to apply for bartending jobs
  • Resume and interview tips
Day 5
  • Whisky cocktails and brands
  • Types of whiskies
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Aging and blending spirits
  • New technique: Managing a busy bar
Day 6
  • Types of wine and wine cocktails
  • Brandy cocktails and brands
  • Professional wine service
  • Wine drinker personalities
  • New technique: Remove the cork from a wine bottle
Day 7
  • Working as a bar team
  • Beer and beer brands
  • Point of Sale System Training
  • Working with oxygen tanks
  • New technique: Tap a keg
  • New technique: Pouring beer
Day 8
  • Final exam day!
  • Receive your Commercial Bartending Certificate.
  • Celebrate with your classmates and new friends.
  • Final resume review!

The Fine Art Guarentee

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Want to brush up on your bartending skills in the future? No problem. Graduate students can retake the program.

Commonly asked questions:

How does the certificate look to employers?

Fine Art Bartending School is BC's longest standing and most reputable bartending school.

Since 1981, we've trained thousands of bartenders, many of which have gone on to have successful bartending careers.

Our program is widely recognized in British Columbia. We have over 850 five-star Google reviews.

Even if an employer is not familiar with us, they will appreciate you applying to the job fully trained and taking the initiative to develop bartending skills on your own. 

Do we help you get a job?

Our entire program prepares you to work as a bartender.

While anyone with an interest in bartending would love our program, here are the job-related skills you will learn:

  • Customer service skills
  • Taking orders
  • Upselling to increase tips
  • Popular brands of spirits
  • Reading order tickets
  • Resume building and where to find jobs
  • Interview prep
  • Handling busy rushes with east
  • Juggling multiple orders at once
  • Responsible service
  • Making bespoke cocktails based on a customer's preferences

We have many success stories of students who got a job after the program. Check them out!

How beginner is your course?

Our Commercial Bartending Course is for anyone who wants to learn bartending or refresh their bartending skills.

This is not an advanced mixology program. 

This program will train you on the following:

  • Bartending tools & mixing techniques
  • Developing your own bartending style
  • How to develop your bespoke cocktail recipes using cocktail ratios
  • Popular classic cocktail recipes
  • Bartending customer service exercises 
  • How to find, apply, interview for your first job 
  • And so much more! 
Do I need to obtain my Serving it Right certification prior to taking the program?

Nope, you do not need to obtain your Serving it Right certificate prior to taking the program. 

We are a school, not a bar. Students will not be handle real alcohol.

Why choose Fine Art Bartending?

Top-Rated Institution:

  • Over 800 five-star Google reviews.
  • Long-standing reputation since 1981.

Experienced Instructors:

  • Decades of bartending experience across North America.
  • Expertise in various bar environments like cocktail lounges, events, banquets, clubs, and restaurants.

Practical, Hands-On Training:

  • Learn behind a real bar with individual bar stations.
  • Use real bartender tools, popular spirits, and garnishes.
  • Build muscle memory and confidence in a realistic setting.

Modern Curriculum:

  • Regularly updated program to reflect current industry trends.
  • Instruction in classic cocktails and contemporary mixology.
  • Preparation for today’s bar scene and employer expectations.

Free Lifetime Retakes:

  • Opportunity to refresh your skills at no additional cost.
  • Lifetime access to retake the program whenever needed.

Small Class Sizes:

  • Personalized attention from instructors.
  • Focus on developing good habits for earning tips and respect in the bar industry.

Positive Student Experience:

  • Fun, interactive, and informative classes.
  • Supportive learning environment where students can thrive.
  • Opportunities to make new friends and network within the industry.

Gateway to Hospitality Careers:

  • Comprehensive training that goes beyond bartending basics.
  • Opens doors to various opportunities in the hospitality industry.

Choosing Fine Art Bartending School means joining a highly-rated, experienced, and supportive institution dedicated to your success in bartending.

We hope to see you in class!

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