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Smith & Kearns, Wesson, and Brown Cow Cocktails

We have three coffee and cream drinks here with the Smith and Kearns, the stronger Smith and Wesson, and finally the most easily consumed Brown Cow. Have a look at these tasty drinks, and if you are interested in something that uses a little ice cream… maybe you should check out our recipe for the Creamsicle Cocktail.

How To Make A Smith and Kearns Cocktail

Coffee and cream always go well together at any time of day. This cocktail was invented by Blue Blazer‘s Gerbert Doebber in 1952.  The Smith & Kearns was named after two oil monkeys that were always having them at Smith and Curran after a hard days work. These guys could have been drinking beer like the rest of the patrons in the bar, but both guys had a sweet tooth, wanted a little sugary pick-me-up, and chose to be different from the rest in the bar. The name Curran was Kearns original creme de cacao. For the rest of the world we didn’t have easy access to this unique liqueur, so we swapped out the chocolate for a coffee liqueur. When mixing this up, try using Kahlua or any type of coffee liqueur.

Smith & Kearns, Wesson, and Brown Cow Cocktails Ingredients

  • 2 oz Kahlua Or Coffee Liqueur
  • 2 oz Cream
  • Club Soda

How to Make and Serve as a Cocktail

  1. Fill highball glass with ice
  2. Pour Kahlua and cream into cocktail shaker with 3 ice cubes and shake 4-5 count
  3. Strain into highball glass
  4. Top with club soda

How To Make A Smith & Wesson Cocktail Recipe

The Smith & Wesson is a juiced up variation of the good old Smith and Kearns.  The only difference in this cocktail recipe is with the Smith & Wesson we’ve added vodka. These should be known by all bartenders and served  at any bar if you ask. Just remember what’s in it if you ask for it so you don’t look like a noob.


  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz Coffee Liqueur
  • 2 oz Half & Half cream/milk
  • Club Soda For Filler


  1. Pour vodka, coffee liqueur, and half & half into highball glass filled with ice
  2. Give 2-3 stirs
  3. Top with club soda
  4. “Gently” Stir 3-4 more times trying NOT to disturb the bubbles.

What is the Brown Cow Cocktail

The Brown Cow is a really easy cocktail to create. This seems to be more of a Canadian cocktail, as the beverage is not as popular in other parts of the world. You have read about the Smith and Kearns cocktail above, now take the same ingredients and eliminate the club soda topper. To make this drink even easier, we even suggest not shaking. Just build this drink on ice and give it a stir.


  • 2 oz Kahlua Or Coffee Liqueur
  • 2 oz Cream


  1. Fill highball glass halfway with ice
  2. Pour Kahlua
  3. Top off with cream

You can always make your Brown Cow skinny, by swapping out the cream for whole milk. You could even make either of these cocktails vegan or dairy-free by using an unflavoured nut-based milk instead of the traditional bovine based liquid.

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