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How to Become A Bartender

How to Become A Bartender

Read more about our tips and tricks to becoming a bartender!

How to Become a Bartender in Vancouver

So you are wondering how to become a bartender in Vancouver? Bartending is one of the most enjoyable careers out there. As a bartender, you provide a product that customers eagerly look forward to. So, how does one start this journey in Vancouver?

Start with Research

Let's dive into the research process! This isn't just about a quick online search. We suggest physically checking out bars you want to work at in person.

Find a local bar, pull up a stool, and ask bartenders how they entered the profession. 

We've gathered stories from many past students, but firsthand accounts from a dozen or so Vancouver bartenders will give you the best insights.

Paths to Becoming a Bartender in Vancouver

There are several ways to venture behind the bar in Vancouver:

  • Start at the Bottom: In larger restaurants and bars in Vancouver, starting from a lower-level position such as a dishwasher is common. This allows you to gradually learn the ropes, moving from washing dishes to possibly hosting, then serving, and finally bartending. This path is lengthy but can be fruitful if you have time and trust in the management's decision-making.

  • Be a Jack-or-Jill-of-All-Trades: With minimal experience, joining a smaller establishment might require you to perform various roles. You might start doing everything from serving light drinks to cleaning. It's a quicker route to bartending, albeit with potentially limited drink options initially.

  • Sit with YouTube for Days: Utilize the plethora of online resources, including YouTube tutorials and online courses, to grasp the basics of bartending. These are great for a quick introduction but lack regional specifics such as popular drinks in Vancouver or local bar expectations.

  • Take Some Bartending Classes: Enroll in a bartending course in Vancouver like the ones offered at Fine Art Bartending, which has been training bartenders for over 30 years. These classes cover everything from drink recipes and the history of spirits to practical drink-making skills.

With decades of experience continually refining our course material to align with what Vancouver bartenders really need to know, we proudly offer the best bartending course in the city. Register today to start your journey on how to become a bartender in Vancouver and turn your interest into a thriving career!

Student learning to mix drinks in classroom at the Fine Art Bartending School Vancouver, British Columbia

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